Prenatal Yoga

Class Details

  • When: Call to schedule a class time with instructor
  • Fee: $50 for 4 classes
  • Time: 
  • Location: Lotus Yoga Center, LLC
  • To register call: 419-206-9055
  • Instructor: Michele Baran-Gross


Pregnancy is a transitional time for women; when many physical and emotional changes are taking place. Incorporating Prenatal Yoga into your daily life will teach you to honor these changes in yourself and your body as you connect to your baby throughout these nine months.


Among the many benefits are: 

  • helping to improve sleep patterns
  • decreased lower back pain
  • decreased nausea
  • relief from headaches
  • reduced shortness of breath
  • increased strength
  • increased endurance
  • flexibility of muscles needed for child-birth 


The classes are held in a peaceful, positive, and calm environment in order to practice the art of yoga for pregnancy. The practice is taught in a way that leads one to listen and honor the body’s innate intelligence so that the experience of yoga will go with you into your life.


*We have private lessons available too.

*Cost for a one-hour private is $55.

*Give us a call for more information.


*Before enrolling in a Prenatal Yoga program, consult with your heath care professional.*